Best Bags Every Girl Should Own

Bags are one of the most essential parts of a girl’s wardrobe. We used to carry so many valuable and not so valuable items so it becomes important to have a perfect one.

With the increase of options in the world of fashion and style, somewhere we are going to stay behind, but there are certain styles which are evergreen. Every coming season you will get to see a wide variety of collections of handbags.

We all have gone through the situation when we must have thought I would be so lucky if I had this bag or that kind of bag in this situation. So I am here to resolve all those queries and I’ve curated a list of the coolest handbags. I have categorized all kinds of bags which will help you out in every kind of situation whether you are going out with your friends or to an evening date or any marriage party.

1. The Weekender / Duffle Bag

If you want a stylish bag even during traveling so this one is a perfect option for a perfect weekend gateway and carries all the essentials. You can also carry these in flights as carry-on luggage. The weekender is a tough and versatile piece of bag specially designed for short trips. These are large enough to cloths for few days, yet compact enough to stow in the overhead compartment.

BEST FOR: Weekend Getaway with Family & Friends

STYLE WITH:  You can pair it up with any outfit

Duffle Bag
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2. The Office Bag

You’ll make a statement at the office with this classic bag from Lavi. With 3 divided compartments, two side pockets, there’s a spot for everything. You can carry a laptop, notebooks, and other work essentials and Available in this color

BEST FOR: Office going professional

STYLE WITH: Pair it with a crisp white button-down and a formal trouser to stand out.

Office Bag
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3. Tote Bag

We’ve officially found our new go-to bag. Tote Bags are the best kind of bag for every girl, they are huge and spacious yet stylish, you can keep all your belongings in one bag and you are good to go. You can opt for either Black or Tan colors tote as these both are very trendy colors these days. This bag excels in functionality and style in such alow budget.

This one is perfect for weekend shopping and going out after a hectic office day. It also opens up wide, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Don’t worry your stuff will not fall outside, a chain is given to secure all your items, so all ur stuffs will stay hidden, safe, and secure. it’s large enough to carry the daily necessity without being bulky.

BEST FOR: Going out with your friends after work or weekend shopping or even for working professional

STYLE WITH: Any Outfit that you own

Tote Bag
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4. Backpack

Backpacks have enough space for books, a small lunch box, umbrella, bottle, purse n many more things, size is quite decent can fit some a4 size books and notebooks as well. the look of the bag is a very simple classy and trendy product good quality size of the bag is perfect for college or job stylish. A backpack can also be utilized as a work bag, it is great if you have a tough commute for office especially if you are in a city like Mumbai then this backpack will come very handy.

BEST FOR: When you want  your hands free with everything

STYLE WITH: Jeans top with a high top knot a bun

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5. Satchel

Satchel could be the one right bag who just needs something cute and stylish also they can carry little items along with them. It’s sleek design and color make it, even more, must-have for your wardrobe that you can pair with most of your outfits. The structured shape makes this style feel perfect for the office, and while the olive shade makes a statement, it still looks professional.

BEST FOR: Working professional

STYLE WITH: This is the perfect way to add a pop of color to a simple white tee and trousers.

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6. Clutch

The ideal clutch is the one that doesn’t take away all the attention from ur outfit and can be worn on different occasions and holds all of the absolute essentials like keys, lip balm and some money, all ur business card and also savior credit card. This clutch is having slots and compartments for you to stash ur cash, cards, and keys. You can carry ur phone as well but it will make bulky

BEST FOR: To keep your all credit & debit cards safe

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7. Cross-Body Bag

Sometimes just want to throw a bag on ur shoulder and forget it’s even there. If you are looking for such kind of bag crossbody purse is the best for you. It comes with a removable strap, so you can use it as a crossbody or even as a clutch.

Think of it as a middle ground between a backpack and a wallet. Sometimes while going out with your friends all you want to carry is a wallet, key, phone, power bank, at that time sling bags might come handy. You must be thinking we can carry those in pockets as well, why to carry an extra thing with us. Yes, I agree pocket may get the job done but these are scenarios where, some clothes don’t have pockets at all and sometimes it’s your skinny jeans, that can not fit a phone in it.

STYLE WITH: This will look so dreamy with all your springy floral dresses and sandals.

Cross Body Bag
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8. Occasional / Party Purse

The first thing that comes in your mind after getting news of your cousin’s wedding is to do shopping, but finding a purse or clutch to keep with you during the party is probably one of the last things on your mind during that. Who really cares about those small accessories, right?. Shopping for a proper clutch/purse for the wedding season is a must as this accessory will give you a place to store all of your essentials (some makeup for touch-ups, tissues, and so forth).

BEST FOR: All those wedding seasons

STYLE WITH: A beautiful Sari or suit , Lehenga or a gown

Party Purse
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