Best Microwave oven in India in 2020

Are you are looking for the Best Microwave oven in India in 2020?

If you are buying a Microwave Oven for the first time and you are not sure which one to go for then this article will surely help you. As we have done extensive research on each and every oven and come up with the comprehensive list of Best Microwave Ovens.

Whenever you heard the term oven, all those pizzas, bread, Cakes, kebabs, tandoori chicken, must have come to your mind. My ultimate aim to go for the oven is because I can cook my all-time favorite dish pizza and I can customize it my way. So, due to its all-rounder functionality, you should make sure to buy the Best one for your home.

Let me tell you right now you can find different options for Oven in the market:

  1. Convention: having all those functionalities which Solo and Grill have with the added advantage of Baking
  2. Solo: limited usage like defrosting, heating. This one is mostly preferred in offices for heating food items
  3. Grill : Best for reheating and grill food and comes with medium price range

You should go for the convection oven due to its five most important functionality :

  1. Cooking
  2. Heating
  3. Grilling
  4. Baking
  5. Defrosting

I would recommend checking out the Buying Guide for Microwave oven at the end of this post to get to know which are the functionalities and things show you should keep in mind before buying the one.

1. IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

It is being said that IFB has the best innovative products when it comes to electronics. This particular model comes with the capacity of 17 Liters which makes it ideal for small families. As the name suggests it is a solo Microwave so, you can use it for simple cooking, reheating, defrosting.

The only con is that you cannot bake or grill in this model. So, if you are looking out for the microwave with these baking functionalities you should go with convection models.

Any starter kit is not provided with this product from the brand. The control provided is of Jog dial which is easy to use.

It will come with a user manual and a warranty card. It has a 1-year warranty on the product and 3 years warranty on the magnetron. The warranty will get activated automatically when you purchase the product, hence no further procedure is required.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 17 Liter
  • Type: Solo
  • Control: Jog Dials
  • 3 auto cook menu options
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2. Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven:

Save your time and energy ad cook healthy dishes instantly in the Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG Solo Microwave. Panasonic claims itself as a brand that genuinely understands the quality.

This Panasonic microwave will make your life easier by its multistage cooking mechanism as it allows you to cook food efficiently. It also comes with the child-lock feature which ensures safety while cooking. This model has mind-blowing 51 auto-cook menus so, whip up tasty dishes without any hassle.

Leftover food from last night can still taste fresh today as well. With auto programmed time and modes you can Reheat your meal in a few minutes.

With the Auto Cook Menu Feature, you can surprise your family by preparing Chef like cuisines. As, it comes with a wide variety of Pre-Programmed recipes, preset cooking time and temperature settings that help even if you are new to the kitchen.

Now your desert won’t smell like biryani. As this model comes with Vapor Clean feature which will help to keep the microwave odor and stain free with the touch of a button. It utilizes the cleansing power of water vapor to keep your microwave’s inner cavity

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 20 Liter
  • Type: Solo
  • Control: Digital Control Panel
  • 51 auto cook menu options
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Vapor Clean Feature : to keep the microwave odor and stain free.
  • Child Lock
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3. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

This microwave convection oven from IFB comes with a capacity of 20 L. This microwave oven can do all the same tasks the same as the solo microwave oven but with having an added feature for both baking and grilling. It has a touch keypad control.

It has 24 auto cook menu options which mean here you have 24 standard menus for cooking. Its child lock feature makes this microwave oven a much better option.

This model has an Auto reheat feature which means you can reheat your food with auto programmed time and power levels. Along with that, it has a unique defrost feature where you can set the weight of the food item you want to defrost and save your time.

Key Feature

  • Capacity: 20 Liter
  • Type: Convection
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane)
  • 24 auto cook menu options
  • Starter Kit with this product
  • Vapor Clean Feature : to keep the microwave odor and stain free.
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Weight + Speed Defrost
  • Combination Cooking Power Grill and Combi Tech
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4. Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven

This oven from Panasonic will give you both stylish look along with rich features. This model comes with a 27L capacity which is sufficient enough for families with 3 to 4 members.

It has a dual heating feature with 101 Preset Auto Cook menus which I think is great while operating this oven. It also comes with a turntable glass which provides more to interior capacity and less to electronics.

This provides magic grill feature which means it has double grill power and provides much faster and efficient grilling. User Manual, Warranty card and Starter Kit will be provided to you along with the product.

Key Feature

  • Capacity: 27 Liter
  • Type: Convection
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane)
  • 101 auto cook menu options
  • Starter Kit with this product
  • Compact Design
  • Magic Grill: provides 2-Way Heating for Faster Cooking
  • High/Low Rack ,Glass Tray, User Manual, Warranty Card included with product
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5. Bosch 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (HMB45C463X)

Get a complete cooking solution with 7 modes of cooking: Frylite,Convection for baking, Grilling, Combination, Motorised Rotisserie,Reheating along with defrosting,Tandoori.

If you are not aware about FryLite Function, so let me tell you its a special frying technique for cooking food items such as potatoes and vegetables with minimal oil or fat. So, now now you can stay healthy even after having fried foods.

121 auto cook menu options including recipes across 8 categories appetizers, Rice, snacks, soup, vegetarian food, meat, seafood and Desserts

Its important to note that this particular model comes with a 2 year warranty on product and whole 7 years warranty on the Magnetron. With this product you will also get two Grills, baking tray, Frylite tray,Rotisserie Spit but let me tell you brand does not provide any starter kit with this one.

The door of microwave oven is made of Glass and which is fully shielded from microwave emissions and automatically stops whenever you open it slightly during operation.

Key Feature

  • Capacity: 28 Liter
  • Type: Convection
  • Control: Digital
  • 121 auto cook menu options
  • Warranty: 2 years on the Product and 7 Years on the Magnetron
  • 7 modes of cooking: Frylite,Convection for baking, Grilling, Combination, Motorised Rotisserie,Reheating along with defrosting,Tandoori
  • Fry Lite for healthy cooking
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